Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By His Twin Brother

Ryan Reynolds may seem like a man who has it all, from his thriving career to his beautiful family, but what does his other half have to say about it all? No, we don’t mean his wife Blake Lively, we mean his resentful ‘twin’ brother, Gordon Reynolds.
The ‘Deadpool’ star was recently named one of GQ’s Men of the Year alongside Usain Bolt and Warren Beatty, but not everyone seems to think he’s so worthy of the title. Reynolds was interviewed by his ‘identical twin’ to answer the questions only a bitter sibling could ask.
Taking place at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, Reynolds gets hilariously roasted by the twin the world never knew he had. ‘Why can’t you be like other Actors?’ Gordon asks before spitefully adding, ‘Good ones.’
No one knows how to get under one’s skin quite like family and Gordon makes sure that each of his questions are properly laced with a heavy dose of torment.

‘So, GQ Men of the Year, that’s a big honor. I can’t think of anyone more worthy,’ Gordon says before revealing a less than impressed Jake Gyllenhaal holding the boom mic.
Gordon would be a logical explanation to how Ryan Reynolds manages to stay so grounded, but for those of you who haven’t Wikipedia-ed it yet, he doesn’t really exist.
Ryan Reynolds will appear on the cover of GQ’s annual ‘Men of the Year’ issue, which features a less sadistic interview on the actor’s ‘Deadpool’ obsession, meeting Blake Lively, and his new film, ‘Life.’

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