The 9 Fastest Knockouts In MMA History

One of the most exciting things about mixed martial arts is the unpredictability of the sport. Absolutely anything can happen during a match and it can come to an end with just one powerful punch and sometimes that punch is the first one thrown.
Mixed martial arts is undeniably a faster sport than most others, however, these bouts are so quick that if you blink you might miss them. Sports Vibe has compiled nine of the fastest knockouts in mixed martial arts history

Starting with Hector Lombard and Jay Silva’s Bellator 18 bout that Lombard managed to win by knockout in a brisk six seconds, the bouts only continue to get more fleeting. Before the commentators even have enough time to spew out a sentence, these matches are already over.
A knockout may be the most exciting way to finish a match, but considering the training and preparation that these fighters take on leading up to their bout, to say these fights are a little anticlimactic is an understatement.
Work has never been easier for these speedy victors and never more humiliating for their out cold opponents
Ryohei Masuda holds the fastest knockout in MMA history, managing to take out Takahiro Kuroishi in just two seconds.
 This compilation has managed to go viral ever since Sports Vibe posted it to YouTube a couple of months ago, already receiving over 2 million views and counting.